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I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of traditional exercises. I grew up playing sports, so the idea of running on a treadmill heading no where never much appealed to me. Over the last few years my body has “changed”. Recently I concluded enough was enough. I put my foot down and finally decided to take action. Though this isn’t a fitness or weight loss blog, I wanted to share my inspiration to write about the world of workout attire.

Ombre Mesh Bra by Anthropologie, $82

As a current plus-size woman, I was quickly disheartened by the lack of fitness wear designed for larger women. My first trip to a local chain department store was a sad experience. Their selection lacked excitement and variety. It also only featured a total of 4 different pieces. I left frustrated but determined to find workout clothes that were functional yet also had personality. I wanted an outfit I would want to actually put on and show off at the gym!

Trendy Plus Size Mesh Active Tank Top by Material Girl, $30

I eventually accepted the fact that like most plus-size clothing, shopping online would be my best bet. Amidst the shopping process, I came to see how many cute options were available for women of all sizes! Long gone are the days of resorting to working out in an old ratty oversized t-shirt. Instead, pieces feature bold prints and colors along with stylish cuts like I’ve never seen before. Now even when you’re sweating away at the gym, you can show off your style personality. What a great exercise motivator! If you’re in the market for a gym wardrobe makeover, I hope to help inspire you with some of my favorite finds out there today! Now’s the time…let’s get physical!

Sportswear Gym Vintage Romper in Sport Fuschia by Nike, $60
Active Geo Mesh Leggings by Forever 21, $20
EXP Core Strappy Knotted Sports Bra by Express, $40
x ELLE Yoga High Waist Leggings by Reebok, $65
Yo Seamless Tank by adidas by Stella McCartney, $90
Underwire Sports Bra by Torrid, $55
Pro Cool floral shorts by Nike, $38
Adagio 2-Piece Outfit by Fabletics, $105

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