Throwback Thursday: Kate Spade S/S 2006

It’s Thursday so we’re throwing it back to 2006, when black nail polish, giant belts, and oversized purses ruled the scene. To wince or feel nostalgic, that is the question. Looking back to my college-aged self, I must admit I am guilty of following some of those trends.

At this point in my life I was studying fashion photography in Chicago. I lived and (literally) breathed darkroom chemical fumes and anything fashion and photography related. My apartment was a perfect visual example of this. Beyond the stacks of magazines, every wall available was covered with tear-outs I found inspirational. My apartment was a living mood board.

One of my favorite displays was on the inside of my front door. It was a nice visual to see on my daily way out into the world. I tell you this because these images have been cemented into my brain with such love. The Kate Spade S/S 2006 ad campaign connected with me. Photographed by Tim Walker, the idea of roaming the road freely, dressed in an almost mismatched way intrigued me. They weren’t the typical ads using sex as the only appeal. If you look, they tell a story. So despite some fashion trend regrets of that year, I’d like to give a nod to Kate Spade, as 2006 was a pretty good year.

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