Third Annual ‘Miracle on the Runway’ Holiday Fashion Show

Written By: Maureen McCourt for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

Photos: Alicia Nieto for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

The Third Annual ‘Miracle on the Runway’ Holiday Fashion Show was presented at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery in Milwaukee during the holiday season.

With doors opened 6 p.m. and showtime at 7 p.m., the unique gathering space decked with holiday decor at the old brewery was truly the best place to be in Milwaukee on Sunday, December 17, 2017.

Benefiting four families through Milwaukee-based Sojourner Family Peace Center, providing education, advocacy and resources to keep families safe from domestic violence, the Third Annual “Miracle on the Runway” Holiday Fashion Show welcomed an eclectic mix of onlookers sporting jeans to elegant ensembles. The family-centered event was evident in the casual, coziness of the room with models of every shape, size, age and ethnicity gracing the runway.

Adding to the charm was gospel singer Tina Miller beginning festivities with a powerful and soulful performance of her own composition, “In You Lord, I Find My Power,” setting an inspired and assuaged tone for the evening.

Special guests were Miss Wisconsin USA 2018 Regina Gray and Miss Wisconsin Teen USA 2018 Alexis Loomans.

Hosted by Crystal Stoots, aka “Mama Crystal,” resplendent in a shimmering bold red and gold gown, and LeeVan D Roundtree, smartly dressed for his engaging emceeing.

The nearly three-hour visual feast boasted several designers collections, including:

Basia Rose Designs (Basia Spencer), ECO by E.K.O. (Emily Oliver), Happy Hustlin’ (Mike Scrill), House of Solana (Sasha Walton), Iconic Style (Emani Williams), Jordan Marie Collection (Jordan Weber), Madalyn Joy Designs (Madalyn Manzeck), ML Fashion Design (Malika Lauj), Moda Muñeca (Chelsea Stotts), Piggies Precious Tutu’s (Mother/daughter team Nalani Fitchpatrick/Ebony Fitchpatrick), Sebastian Khole (LeeVan Roundtree), Therese Marie Collection (Therese Jones), Toja (Nusha Blaszczyk), Vast Roses (Imani Broadwater), Vic*tor (Tori Sterr), Vince Lamar Clothier (Vincent Mack), Wildflower (Heidi Steckel) and Zoe Designs (Zoe Silberstein).

Music by Brandis Frater provided the perfect acoustic backdrop, switching soundtracks on cue to compliment and herald the wide array of fashion collections. Performances by Tay Sweete and other musicians provided variety and a dash of diversion between collections.

Standouts in the show were many. Three ensembles seemed to astonish the audience over and beyond the others.


Designer – Moda Muñeca (Chelsea Stotts)

Quote from designer – “Fashion and the arts are the constant that has kept my family motivated and brought us together … it was only right to combine our passion with giving back. Now, what has brought joy to us can do so for others. The LUXE Collection is inspired by the rich, successful and sometimes bourgeois. Using various fabrics, including beaded appliqués and sequins, I was able to achieve a high class “glitz and glam” feel. As they say, ‘If you’ve got it, flaunt it!’ Confidence is key.”


Designer – Madalyn Joy Designs (Madalyn Manzek)

Quote from designer – “Love doing a show with a good cause, helping families in need. Really wanted to do a holiday collection, so it gave me a perfect excuse to do something for this show.”  Angélique, “angel” in French, feminine and ethereal. Satin, sequins, black, red and gold. Fun and versatile, pair with trousers, jacket, skirt … for date night with the boyfriend or that special holiday party.” One and only showing of this holiday collection.


Designer – Basia Rose Designs (Basia Spencer)

Quote from designer – “We make the latest trends in apparel with African Print Fabrics, inspired by events for every lifestyle, whether it is on the go, going to work or a special occasion. If African prints are not for you, we also offer custom designs and alterations.”  

Stunning ensembles continued throughout the night. Enjoy the photo collection below … a sampling from each designer.

Photos: Alicia Nieto for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

Third Annual ‘Miracle on the Runway’ Holiday Fashion Show

House of Solana – Part One

Happy Hustlin’

Moda Muñeca – Part One


Jordan Marie Collection

Piggies Precious Tutu’s

Basia Rose Designs

Zoe Designs


Madalyn Joy Designs

Sebastian Khole


Vast Roses

Moda Muñeca – Part Two

Total Image Hair Salon

Iconic Style

House of Solana – Part Two

ECO by E.K.O.

Therese Marie Collection

Vince Lamar Clothier

ML Fashion Design

Photos: Alicia Nieto for ‘I Live in a Magazine’


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