The newest from Macy’s and…Marilyn Monroe!

Will the world ever tire of Marilyn Monroe?  It certainly seems that her beauty and mystique live on as they should!  The latest nod to Ms. Monroe comes from Macy’s.  The department store has created a collection inspired by the icon.  Macy’s describes the collection as “inspired by the personality, style and glamour of the legendary Marilyn Monroe.”

The print ads capture the essence of the legend down to the modeling, hair, makeup and of course the clothing from the new collection.  As great final touch to the ads, famous quotes from Ms. Monroe are included as part of the images.  I am not always a fan of Macy’s advertisements, but I was intrigued by this set of images.  Kudos to Macy’s for stepping out of their comfort zone.  The collection debuts this month at select stores and online at


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