I’m a huge fan of the memoir.  Throw in a touch of fashion and I’m all yours till the last page! Celebrated author Patricia Volk recently introduced her new memoir on NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross.  The book is titled ‘SHOCKED: My Mother, Schiaparelli, and Me‘. I recently listened to the interview which gave great examples of Volk’s childhood experiences, growing up with a beautiful and glamorous mother who’s shoes she never could fill, nor did she necessarily want to.  The title of the book, ‘Shocked…’ was inspired by the Shocked perfume her mother used to wear. That scent was created by fashion designer Elsa Schiaparelli, known for her avant garde designs and ideas.  Finding more in common with Schiaparelli, Volk sought to find own voice which is recognized in her latest publication.  I urge you all to listen to the NPR interview which can be found below.  Now, go out and shock and be shocked!
SHOCKED: My Mother, Schiaparelli, and MeBy Patricia Volk
Author, Patricia Volk


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