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Photo Courtesy of the Business of Fashion

A recent article by Osman Ahmed for The Business of Fashion brings forth the subject of professional models and the what lies beyond the glitz and glamour. Thanks to Ahmed and a survey from, a necessary light has been shed on the secret dark side of the modeling business. The article details everything from unfit working conditions, situations of sexual abuse and discriminatory factors such as weight, age, etc.

I encourage everyone, especially the fashion community to read about these findings in the link above. It is an issue I feel like can be brushed off as unimportant as these individuals chose their career path, but there is no excuse for certain behaviors and circumstances that take place behind the scenes. We must remember that what appears on a runway stage or in an editorial ad is not always an accurate reflection of a day in the life of those models. As a community of artists and more importantly as fellow humans, we must stand together to put an end to this dark side of modeling and of the fashion world.

This subject is not new to I Live in a Magazine, as shown in a past article from 2013, highlighting the lives of young models in the documentary Girl Model. That article can be found here. As a member of the fashion community I thank Ahmed and The Business of Fashion for their insight on this issue.

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