Madalyn Joy Designs Brings High End Fashion To Wisconsin

I met with Madalyn Manzeck at her Madalyn Joy Design Studio located in Port Washington, Wisconsin. Upon walking into her studio I felt instantly welcomed with the gorgeous ambiance. With decor of plush pinks and designer icon pieces on the wall, I knew I was in the right place. I couldn’t help but admire the ambition and professionalism that Madalyn exuded.

Madalyn Manzeck photographed by Cassie Sterwald in 2016

Madalyn recalled, “I remember seeing my first Vogue Magazine. The glossy pages were just beautiful. Fashion was just a hobby at most. At sixteen, my high school was very small, so I took private sewing lessons which led me to make my own prom dress.” Her coach then suggested the idea of a possible carrier in fashion. She then learned about different job in the industry. She later attending UW Madison where she pursed her degree in Fashion Design.

In her business now, she creates different design concepts. Her own designs include the Noir Collection, which are her own designs. In addition she also works with clients who have custom orders. When it comes to working on a custom piece for a client, the two of them work on a sketch. An example of this is a trench coat that is currently in the works.

Another great help to Madalyn, is her intern Riley, who helps with mood and Pinterest boards for inspiration. Her inspiration comes to her in many places, from ideas in the shower or in bed. “Anywhere can be an inspiration” Some of Madalyn’s designer inspiration comes from Ellie Saab, Chanel, and all Haute Couture.

Her aim as a designer is to create “beautiful pieces that are also functional”. When it comes to custom designs, her thoughts are, “I get to make something that’s yours instead of you stuffing yourself into something I made. I stay away from the whole sizing chart. I believe in female empowerment and body positivity. You’re made to feel like you have to fit into this impossible body type. I like to live. I like pizza and eat dessert. Some examples of photos I appreciate are from the Aerie lingerie line, they’re real women and non retouched photos”

As for upcoming events, “My most current project in the new bridal collection which will include an upcoming photoshoot. I’ll also be showing at Walk Fashion Week on July 9th. I will be presenting six looks in the presentation. In December I’m looking to create a line with a fairy-like, Mid-Night Summer’s Dream line as inspiration.”

Model: Georgina Eaton
Photographer: Chris Fain

When I asked Madalyn about her personal style (as she was wearing an adorable orange/red romper during our interview) she mentioned that she likes to embellish her outfits. Her style is classic, wearing black and whites. Some of her favorite designer collaborations, etc. include any collaboration with Target, including Missoni and Victoria Beckham. In addition, Zara Handbags, Henri Bendel and Ted Baker top her list.

As far as style icons, Madalyn mentioned, her love for Jackie O. “I wish I could be just like her.” Other icons include Olivia Palermo. “She is so good at taking a classic thing and putting a twist on things and making it work.” Another is Blair Eadie from the Atlanta Pacific. She is her favorite blogger.

On the subject of advice to those interested in in pursing a career in the industry, Madalyn has this advice: “The main thing I would say is intern, intern, intern. It produced such a valuable experience. I learned so much in school with textbooks and about the profession, but I learned the most from an internship where I was at Global Brand in New York and in that internship I was part of the fabric department. As a result, I learned I need to be more creative with the whole design process. I feel I learned what I didn’t want to do. It’s also important to take time to rest and reset after school.”

With all this great advice given from a successful designer in Wisconsin, I hope our readers are equally motivated to follow your passion. Thank you again to Madalyn Manzeck of Madalyn Joy Designs for meeting with me!

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