Before you say oh, boy another beauty bump from …I Live in a Magazine, hear me out. Yes, I do love all things makeup, but this is real primp-worthy news. This season M.A.C. Cosmetics unveiled a new advertising campaign entitled MACnificent Me, featuring models like you and I. These models exemplify the M.A.C. attitude in their looks and lives. In the behind-the scenes video featured below you’ll hear Creative Director James Gager and Stylist Lori Goldstein discuss the concept of the campaign. Basically what is comes down to is: There are no rules. Just do you.

Everyday we are bombarded with fashion ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ and he’s ‘in’ and she’s ‘out’. This collective of photos (see below) is all inclusive. I can see myself in her face and my drive in his eyes. It’s relatable on a different level. I don’t dare call the the six MACnificent Me models “real people” because fashion models are “real people” as well, they just happen to be professionals in the art. That said, it is pretty amazing when a mold is broken and beauty is seen from different angles. We are all different, but we are all magnificently #MACnificent.

For more on each model’s story follow the link below the image to view their MACnificent Me page.

Luzmaria Vargas for MACnificent Me


Ji Won Kim for MACnificent Me
Selena Pellegrini for MACnificent Me
Vanessa Tyese Stewart for MACnificent Me


Ben Dniprowskij for MACnificent Me


Trésor Prijs for MACnificent Me


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