Kohl’s Cares + American Cancer Society

After moving to the Milwaukee area, it didn’t take long before I realized the power of Kohl’s department stores. It is a magical place, where one can purchase apparel, cosmetics (my fav!) and even pretty bed linens. Along with obsessing over my latest makeup purchase, I’ve become aware of all the charitable work the company heads.

I, like many, have been touched by someone we love being diagnosed with cancer. That being said, I was moved when I saw a piece on Milwaukee’s TMJ4 news featuring the latest project by Kohl’s Cares. Partnering up with the American Cancer Society, volunteer designers from the Kohl’s corporation have designed tailor-made head wraps for individuals undergoing cancer treatments. Design patterns range from dinosaurs to trend setting styles aimed for all age groups. This fall, patients will be able to shop the home-made line free of cost. For more on the volunteer project click on the links and view the Kohl’s video below.

Sending love to all!

Milwaukee’s TMJ4 – Fashion collection designed for women undergoing cancer treatments

Kohl’s Cares – Kohl’s Product Development Team Flexes Design Muscle to Give Back

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2 thoughts on “Kohl’s Cares + American Cancer Society”

  1. This is awesome!! Thank you. As a current fighter who has lost her hair, I encourage you to add little embellishments to the head coverings- otherwise they look like stocking caps. By adding fabric flowers or other things, it helps me feel more fashionable and less like a cancer patient.

    1. Robin,
      Thank you for your comment and openness. I love the idea of Kohl’s using accent pieces on each covering to give them some personal style! Sending you love!

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