Gwen Stefani x Urban Decay = Magic

Gwen Stefani for Urban Decay

Love. Angel. MAKEUP. Baby! Ten points for you if you know that reference and if not, please let me set the stage. Gwen Stefani, lead singer of the ska/rock band No Doubt and fashion designer of L.A.M.B. (which stands for Love. Angel. Music. Baby.) (see what I did there?!) has released a makeup palette with Urban Decay cosmetics. My love for Stefani and her work dates back to my middle school days and the release of No Doubt‘s ‘Tragic Kingdom’. I followed her work with the band throughout high school and into college, with several album releases in-between. Soon, her solo music career sky-rocketed her to new fame-dom. In 2003 her fashion line, L.A.M.B. was born to rave reviews.

Now that you have a little background, you’ll understand why fans are tripping over themselves to get their hands on the Stefani’s latest project with Urban Decay cosmetics. Known for her colorful look many people expected this makeup palette to be bursting like a rainbow. However, this appears to be less than true. If you look closely at her everyday look, the eyeshadow collection remains true to the colors she actually uses. So how does one get to look like Gwen? Simply enter your email address on either Urban Decay or Sephora‘s website and get notified when the product is in stock. Keep cool and ‘Rock Steady’!
Photo Courtesy of Urban Decay
Photo Courtesy of Urban Decay

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