Fashionably ‘Live Out Loud’ for Suicide Prevention

ByAlicia Nieto

PhotosYinjie Deng for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

The Chicago-based non-profit organization Live Out Loud Charity recently held its 8th Annual Fashion Show benefiting Anti-Bullying and Suicide Prevention. Founded by Sherrie Gearheart (President/Founder of Live Out Loud Charity and Ms. Illinois America 2018), the mission of Live Out Loud Charity (LOLC) is “to save lives through awareness and education.” Since it’s foundation in 2010, LOLC has reached millions of people across the world.

The fashion show and benefit was held at the historic Palmer House Hilton in Chicago’s Downtown Loop. The event kicked off with special award given to French designer, Wafaa Lahlah who was honored as the 2017 International Designer of the Year. The event continued with a beauty queen parade followed by a fashion show featuring the works of 12 fashion designers. These included Mario Humberto Garrida Pugo and Jorge Diaz of The Millennial Collection by MJ, Meme Rollins M.H.O.D.Royal Rose Fashion and Embroidery by Jackson Skyler, Hekature Designs and Creations by Hektor Martelle, Sharisa Couture Designs by Sharisa Freeman with Jewelry by Danaya Designs 4UAbraham Garcia’s Moonlight Collection, Graciela Llorente, Jynah James’ Kiti Kouture, Bella Lucci of DaLab 650EPrana Maker by Natalia Marie, Annette Evans of Shear Gold Fashions, and Anjana Misra, who flew in from India for the event.

All of the designs were modeled by different ages, sizes and ethnicities. “Our models are real people affected by suicide, depression, bullying, and low self-esteem. Each person that walks our runway is empowered by our training and the incredible experiences they gain at LOLC events. Live Out Loud Charity is a major support system for individuals needing a positive outlet to rebuild their confidence,” states Founder Sherrie Gearheart. Along with the models on stage were performances by singers Kathy Navigato who donned a design by The Millennial Collection by MJ, and Nashville, Tennessee Indie star, Megan Wilde, who wore a blazer by Anajana Misra.

Though the event confronted tough issues, it was also a celebration of life, which is equally important. I know I am not alone when I say that at different points in my life I have been affected and/or have struggled with the issues being tackled by LOLC. Whether you are suicide survivor or struggling with your own self-esteem, it is important to know and remember that you are not alone and that you are worthy.

Click here if you or someone you know needs help, or for more information on the Live Out Loud Charity and the important work they do.

Click here to view the powerful and educational speech given at the event by Sherrie Gearheart (Live Out Loud Charity’s Founder and Ms. Illinois America 2018) and view our photo gallery below capturing the amazing people and fashions from the night.

PhotosYinjie Deng for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

PhotosYinjie Deng for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

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