Chicago Struts for a Cause

With this school year coming to an end, next fall’s start dates may seem far in the future. For many though the excitement and planning begins now. In the case of many living in Chicago’s 27th Ward, help in preparing for the upcoming school year is a worthy and much-needed cause. The organization Chicago Neighbors United aims to lift this community, working to support its residents including its young citizens. The community’s effort includes helping underprivileged children with college scholarship donations, school supplies and book bags.

This month the organization used fashion and music to spread the word of their great cause. With Joe’s on Weed Street as the host location, the “Strut into Summer” fashion show brought communities together to celebrate the arts and the bright future ahead. Included in the festivities were legendary Chicago blues musicians Dixon and Morganfield. Also donating their time and talent were several fashion designers including Mr. Marshall Oliver, Jeliner Jordan, and Wulfka. The event also boasted vendor booths, swag bags and a silent auction. With an air of positivity, the evening was a success, not only in fundraising but in uniting the city for a common cause.

Photos: Joe Underbakke (Everything’s A Production) for I Live in a Magazine

Photos: Joe Underbakke (Everything’s A Production) for I Live in a Magazine

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