A scary look inside the world of modeling with ‘Girl Model’

Have you ever wondered where these beautiful young models came from and how they were discovered?  The movie ‘Girl Model’ gives startling insight into the world of young model scouting.  From the glossy pages of a magazine that 13 year old girl looks happy, but is she really?  This stirring documentary will hopefully make everyone reexamine their thoughts on the rights and treatment of young models.

‘Girl Model’ tells two stories.  One follows model scout, Ashley (a former model) in her Siberian mission to find the next ‘It’ girl for Tokyo’s fast moving market.  The fresh face that Ashley discovers is a 13 year old from Siberia named Nadya.  The film shows the harsh transition for Nadya who remains hopeful, deeply contrasting with the negativity given off by Ashley.  Ashley’s outlook on the business may not be all that absurd though if you examine her own esperiences as a young model.  She’s quoted saying, “I can kind of get away with not really caring about this business that much.  But I never like to think of myself as an ex-model.  I never like to bring that point up.  But of course it does bring a different insight.  But I was the person that hated this business more then anybody and now I’m 15 years in it.” Her jaded outlook may well be justified.

I highly recommend this documentary to everyone especially those involved in the fashion industry.  It is eye-opening.  Be sure to scroll down for still images and the trailer for ‘Girl Model’.  Also, if the matter of young model’s rights is of concern to you as it is to me, please click on the box below where you can read more about The Model Alliance and sign a petition giving child models legal protection in the city of New York.

This movie is now available to view on your local PBS station and on Netflix.


‘Girl Model’ Movie Poster
Still Image from POV’S ‘Girl Model’


Still Image from POV’S ‘Girl Model’
‘Girl Model’ Movie Trailer


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