A $500 look at ‘Veneer Magazine’

Odds are if you’re as magazine obsessed as I am you’ve spent your fair share on American ‘Vogue’ and ‘W’ subscriptions over the years (totally worth it).  Occasionally you might splurge on a copy of an overseas fashion publication that you just have to have (guilty!).  You justify it’s extra cost and swear you’ll gain so much inspiration by owning it.  I’m not so sure about this new magazine discovery though…

Recently I became aware of a magazine unlike any other I’ve known before.  This magazine is called ‘Veneer Magazine’.  It is a subscription based art magazine published just once a year.  What makes this magazine so unique is it’s system of analog printing and binding.  This handcrafted work of art costs a pretty penny, selling for $500 an issue.  Is this price insane or is it the equivalent to purchasing a piece of artwork?  What do you think?  Tell me your thoughts and maybe we can all go in on a copy together (one can dream right?)!

‘Veneer Magazine’
‘Veneer Magazine’
‘Veneer Magazine’


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