RAW Artists Chicago: FIXATE

This month of July has been an exciting one for Chicago’s art community. The city is the proud home to many new, up-and-coming artists, bringing new ideas and concepts to their fields. Designed with new, fresh, artistic faces in mind, RAW – Natural Born Artists, was created to showcase artwork, network, and connect to others in the industry. RAW Artists welcomes the fields of feature films, performing arts, music, fine art, photography, fashion, makeup artistry and modeling.

Founded in 2009 by Heidi Luerra and a team of collaborators, RAW Artists was born. A young fashion designer herself, Luerra thought, “there’s got to be a better way to get my work out there.” This revelation and organization of RAW Artists has grown over the years, taking it’s concept to cities across and beyond the United States. Now with world-wide expansion, RAW Artists holds creative events and showcases in over 70 cities across the world.

This month the Metro Chicago hosted RAW Artists Chicago: FIXATE. The exciting evening included an eclectic variety of creative talents. With an atmosphere like no other art showcase, RAW’s energy is vibrant and stimulating. FIXATE featured visual artists, fashion shows, live music, dance performances and designer vendor booths, displaying their crafts. Like RAW events from past years, this evening did not disappoint! As a brilliant and unique experience, I recommend new and independent artists to attend a RAW event in their city. In the meantime, visit RAW Artists’ website which has been designed as another venue for the public to view past and present RAW Artists and their works.

To find out more about attending and/or participating in an upcoming RAW showcase, follow this link for more information. Also, be sure to view and support the Chicago artists by visiting their profiles and websites! For an inside look at Chicago’s FIXATE event, view our photo gallery below for some “RAW” talent!

Photos: Yinjie Deng for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

Photos: Yinjie Deng for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

Designer Profile: Vicky Winkler of VZuniga Designs


For this Designer Profile, I have the pleasure of introducing you to one of the kindest people I know in the Chicago fashion industry. Vicky Winkler, designer extraordinaire, took me under her wing as a naïve, eager-to-learn college student. With her help, I made industry connections and learned some of the workings of the city’s industry. I will forever be thankful to her! Beyond her gracious heart, the owner of VZuniga Designs is a great and talented Chicago jewelry designer. I recently had the privileged to chat with Vicky and learn about her beginnings and how she grew to her current level of design talent.

Vicky Winkler of VZuniga Designs wearing her own designs

We began speaking of her early years which led me to ask about her introduction to art and the creative process. Vicky credits the generous artists within her own family. Among the family artists from her early childhood were her mother who handmade pieces, as well as her uncle who liked to sketch and paint. At the approximate age of 8, Vicky traveled outside of the country to visit an Aunt who was a jewelry maker. Intrigued by what she was doing, Vicky thought to herself, “I want to learn more. I want to learn how to do this.” During her month-long stay abroad with her Aunt, Vicky learned to help by sorting and selecting beads for a jewelry project. Soon after she discovered that she “could draw jewelry and then make them.”

Jewelry: VZuniga Designs, Photo: Samie Deyo for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

After finding herself with these ideas and thoughts of design, it was a special day in high school when colleges came to talk to the students. “One school in particular, the International Academy of Design and Technology “caught her eye.” “I immediately enrolled and was so excited.” While her start in school began with clothing design, Vicky discovered her true passion in the design world. “It was through clothing design that I embarked on jewelry design. I would spend so much time embellishing garments that I realized I liked the garnishing more. Everyone has their own unique path. I have no regrets.”

Jewelry: VZuniga Designs, Photo: Samie Deyo for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

When speaking on her fashion design schooling experience, Vicky admitted it was very “challenging.” “It was not what I expected. There were sleepless nights. It was very intense. I did not realize how much work there was behind a garment. With everything from creating it from scratch, draping, cutting and sewing. It was really intense.” During this time Vicky was working in the morning and going to school at night. “I was rushing around doing as much as I could for the next day.” It was during this busy time that Vicky experienced an “A-Ha” moment. “The school had an annual fashion show, and my garment was a two piece tailored jacket and pantsuit, and it was selected! Linda Yu (of ABC7 News) was the host for the annual fashion show. When she read my name with the description and my model came down the runway, I remember thinking, wow. With all the effort put in and the response from the audience, I knew it was my path. My inner spirit said this is the way. I have to keep doing it. I couldn’t fail. Failing is not an option.”

After school ended, Vicky was eager to build experience and “would say yes to anything.” She said she learned that “not all venues were for me, but I learned a lot through that.” She learned to be “selective and when to say no, and the importance of doing what’s best for you.” In 2005, Vicky founded her own company, VZuniga Designs.

As VZuniga Designs has taken off, I was curious about what inspires her both for her design work and in her own personal style. “For me, nature is full of inspirations. I look at a flower, the shape, the color palette and all that speaks to me. It gives me inspiration and with that I figure out what kind of jewelry set to make. It almost seems like it’s too simple, but it’s really my inspiration.” Included in her love for nature are the four seasons in the Midwest, including “fall leaves with the vibrant rust orangey color. It amazes me that they were once green. I work off that and anything I feel a link to.”

When speaking of her own fashion sense, “the things I love to make for myself mainly include nature colors, as I am very drawn to the ocean with all the different shades it has.” Having traveled to many places, “I remember seeing Cabo San Lucas versus Cancun versus the Bahamas. Every ocean is different. There are endless shades of blue. I was mesmerized. When I see beads, I remember certain colors of the ocean.”

Using such inspirations, Vicky’s first designs began as small individual pieces, but as time went on she “noticed the value of a collection.” “It can give a person that option to pick from many ideas. I’ve noticed myself starting to do more collections which offer a wider selection.” When asked about future designs works, Vicky indulged us saying, “I’ve been sketching different types for a body chain collection using more embellishments and fabric. The sketches are done, so we’re going to try it.”

As we spoke of future projects, I was curious to ask if she had a piece that she’s made that she holds close to her heart. I was blown away as she began to answer, brushing her long dark hair off her neck and shoulders, revealing an absolutely stunning necklace. While I tried to remain composed through my excitement, Vicky described the details of this piece (shown as the article header and the below right image). “Inspired by the ocean, it includes more than 500 pieces hand sewed together, including gemstone pearls. With the idea of making an embellished collar, I thought to myself, why not make it more of a fashion statement necklace! It took a total of 4 months to complete, working 2-4 hours a day. This piece gave me the affirmation that I could do this. This was my moment to know that this is what I could pursue with confidence.” When I asked about the weight of the necklace, Vicky replied. “It’s very soft and not too heavy. There is felt on the back. When I design something, I ask, what do I want in a piece? What will I feel good yet also comfortable in?”

As part of the Chicago industry, I was curious to hear Vicky’s thoughts on the Chicago Art and Design scene during last couple of years. “The recession did it’s damage. The city pulled out funds for fashion, cutting back about 80%. On a positive note, I’ve noticed neighborhoods are very supportive of local artists, shopping local and for handmade pieces. I’ve noticed a rebirth in neighborhoods like Andersonville. They are extremely supportive. It brings hope to the city. You have L.A. or N.Y., but why leave Chicago? Why do we have to leave? I believe Chicago has it.” In the neighborhood of Andersonville, mentioned by Vicky, you will find an amazing collection of boutiques and shop local stores. Included amongst these is the Andersonville Galleria, where VZuniga Designs have been sold for 10 years.

With all of her knowledge and experience I asked Vicky to share some words of wisdom to those who aspire to work in design. Her message is to “encourage people to set goals. Each person is different, but the formula is the same. Stay consistent with your goals (even daily goals) and priorities. Don’t give up. You will find a way. If it’s important to you, you will find a way. Network and do research. I took baby steps through out my whole journey. Work with what you have, and you will get there.”

Jewelry: VZuniga Designs, Photo: Samie Deyo for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

While my interview with Vicky was coming to a close, I decided to close with a light-hearted question, asking who her ultimate style icon or muse is/was. A hard question to think of on the spot! Vicky openly shared her adoration for Jennifer Lopez. “She’s all over the place; her line at Kohl’s, her style… She’s not afraid to come out with a unique looking gown. She’s creative, hardworking, entertaining and has an artistic gift. Besides the whole Latin thing, she just gets better with age! She’s had bumps along the way, and she worked hard to get where she is today. And I love seeing her outfits in concert!”

After wrapping up my interview with Vicky, I couldn’t help but feel personally inspired and motivated by her words. With everything from finding inspiration in the nature around you to her advice on staying proactive while following your dreams.

I’d like to thank Vicky of VZuniga Designs for sharing her story and love for design with us. For more information and where to shop Vicky’s designs, follow the links below.

VZuniga Designs

VZuniga Designs on Etsy

VZuniga Handmade Statement Accessories on Etsy

A special thank you also to the Andersonville Galleria and Photographer Samie Deyo for ‘I Live in a Magazine’ for capturing these great images of Vicky and her designs!

Jewelry: VZuniga Designs, Photo: Samie Deyo for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

Celebrating Swim Styles with Anastasia Chatzka

It was an evening of tropical fun as fashion designer, Anastasia Chatzka showcased her new line of swimwear. The designer hosted a Tiki Party at her boutique, located in the Ukrainian Village neighborhood of Chicago. Guests were able to meet Anastasia and discuss her latest swim line additions. Included amongst the ten new styles were one pieces and high-waisted bikinis. It was the perfect fashion-forward evening out, supporting local Chicago talent and sipping on delicious Pineapple Party Punch!

In addition to the launch excitement, the Anastasia Boutique and Atelier experience extends into many clothing categories. These include tops and bottoms, dresses and even outerwear. Working with sizes 0-16, custom designs and alterations are also an available option for those looking for a special piece.

If you are in the area you can visit the boutique at 1001 N. Damen Ave. in Chicago. For anyone outside of the city, you’re in luck! Visit the boutique’s website here to shop Anastasia’s latest designs. Enjoy a peak below for Tiki Party fun and a glimpse of the Anastasia boutique and designs!

Photos: Yinjie Deng for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

Photos: Yinjie Deng for ‘I Live in a Magazine’

Stars and Stripes: Beauty Edition

Just in time for Independence Day, I’ve gathered some great beauty products perfect for celebrating tomorrow’s holiday. We’ve all seen the traditional flag t-shirts and other garb geared towards this event, but what about your makeup? It’s time to jazz up your beauty routine with these colorful and festive finds! From electric blue mascara to white nail polish, we have you covered. Enjoy these adventurous beauty trends and most importantly, have a fun and safe Fourth of July!

Screenshot 2017-07-01 21.30.38
Vivid Brights Crème Color in Blueprint by NYX Professional Makeup, $10
Screenshot 2017-07-01 21.39.28
China Glaze Nail Laquer in White On White, $6
Screenshot 2017-07-01 21.55.26
Everlasting Lip Liner in Outlaw – Red Brick by Kat Von D Beauty, $18
Screenshot 2017-07-01 21.53.55
Zoom Lash / ChromeMat Mascara in Metropolis Blue, $18
Screenshot 2017-07-01 21.50.03
Marc Jacobs Beauty Highliner Gel Eye Crayon Eyeliner, $25
Blush – Exhibit A by Nars Cosmetics, $30
Metallic Lipstick in Anything Once by MAC, $17
Hard Candy Walk the Line Eye Liner, White Knight, $6
Beautiful Color Bold Liquid Lipstick in Fiery Red by Elizabeth Arden, $22
Screenshot 2017-07-01 22.18.39
That’s So Kohl Eyeliner in Electric Volt by Flower Beauty, $9
Screenshot 2017-07-01 22.35.41
Matte Crème Lip Crayon in Blanc – Stark White by Bite Beauty, $24
Nail Polish in Butler Please by Essie, $9
Screenshot 2017-07-01 22.20.59
Glossy Stain Lip Color in 11 Rouge Gouache by Yves Saint Laurent, $36

Olivia Palermo Meets Banana Republic

Tis the summer season of designer and retail shop collaborations. The latest one joins together Banana Republic and style icon Olivia Palermo. As Palermo serves as their Global Style Ambassador of the summer, I’m left with an interesting taste in my mouth. With hand selected pieces, Banana Republic is featuring ‘Olivia Palermo Picks’.

After hearing this news I was quite excited, curious about what selections she would design and deem worthy of attaching her name. I was somewhat disappointed to find the “Picks” to be scarce and rather bland. Sure there are a few ruffles here and there, but after looking at the rest of Banana Republic‘s line, I was much more impressed with their retail selection. Despite the glum “Olivia Palermo Picks”, I did manage to find a few pieces that added a glimmer of hope to the otherwise dismal line. Despite this, don’t give up on Banana Republic as I saw several adorable, colorful garbs for purchase. Long live the Banana!

Screenshot 2017-06-25 05.31.16

Screenshot 2017-06-25 05.30.23

Screenshot 2017-06-25 05.30.48

Screenshot 2017-06-25 05.31.46

Screenshot 2017-06-25 05.31.03

Screenshot 2017-06-25 05.31.31

All Photos Curtesy of Banana Republic